Hey guys, V here. It’s day 4 of the 30 day writing challenge, so today I’m writing about:

Something I struggle with.

Panic Disorder.

The very first time i had symptoms of a panic attack I was 6 and my parents were constantly fighting. I felt pressure as if i couldn’t breath ok. I was just so little I didn’t understand what I was feeling so i was taken to a Dr who said everything was ok. Eventually i forgot about it and it never happened again.

13 yrs old: I felt like I couldn’t breath, my heart was racing, i was dizzy, chest pains, i was nauseous, i just wanted to run away. This time, they were constant and very scaryt. It got so bad I couldn’t eat, i barely slept. I was just 13. I went to tons of psychologists, therapists, i was taken to church, talked to doctors. Nothing worked.

At 17 yrs old, after 4 years of constant panic attacks, i was taken to a psychiatrist and diagnosed with Depression and Panic Attacks, i started my medication for a year and I got better.

Now 21, still struggling with it, somedays are worse than others, but I try. It’s difficult, makes you feel weak but you have to stay strong. You are not alone, keep trying, keep smiling and most importantly don´t give up. You’ll be okay.

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Xoxo, V.