In this article I will be talking about TV shows that you should watch and why. I will also put below any images that I include who my favourite characters are from that TV show.

1. Parks and Recreation
I just recently finished watching this TV show and I’m so glad I did. It is one of the funniest things I’ve watched and I laughed so much. I also love how this program makes you care about the characters, and you actually feel a connection towards them. Parks and Recreation is about group of people who work in the council and deal with parks, each character is so unique and brilliant in there own way and you feel as though you actually know them. If you like American sitcoms then you should definitely watch this!!

parks and recreation, parks and rec, and leslie knope image famous, favorite, and parks and recreation image
My favourite characters are April and Andy

2. Freaks and Geeks
Freaks and geeks is a TV show that everyone should watch, it is a coming of age program about two types of people. The freaks who are burn outs and are looked down on by everyone but are really just trying to find out who they truly are. And the geeks who get made fun off and are just trying to become cool and get respected by people. I love how everyone can at least relate to a character or an event that happens in the show and that it shows you what it’s like to be one of the kids who people don’t like in high school, and how it shows that not everything is perfect.

2000s, 90s, and nostalgic image freaks and geeks, james franco, and 90s image
My favourite character is Sam

3. Stranger Things
Stranger things is an outstanding award winning show that everyone should watch, it is one of the best programs around and includes some of best hours on TV. Stranger things had me begging for more at the end of every episode, it made me laugh, cry and care about the characters so much. For days after I finished watching it I still talked about it non stop, if you haven’t watched this TV show yet then go and watch it now!!

stranger things, aesthetic, and netflix image stranger things, quotes, and mike image
My favourite character is Mike

4. The End of the F****ing world
This TV show is so good, the characters have great character development throughout the episodes. I love how unique the characters are, and how they don’t really care about a lot of things but they care about each other. This TV show made me so happy after I finished watching it and you should definitely watch it. It’s about two teenagers who run away together and try and find out who they are.

teotfw, james, and netflix image book, books, and boy image
My favourite character is James