When you don't feel like doing anything every day, it is hard to keep motivating yourself. I am going through a rough patch at the moment, but a few things have helped me to keep my act together. Hope these things will help you as well :)

The path to motivation and ambition

➥ Always try to stay positive
I know it is hard sometimes to keep the positive vibes around you. However, it is better to keep focusing on the positive things to have a better life and to keep motivating yourself to be an even better you. It has been proven that being more optimistic about certain things can help you to be a more motivated person. There will always be times that the pessimistic side of you comes alive; we all have moments like that. But on moments like that it is the time to prove to yourself that your negative side only gets in the way of your life purposes and dreams.

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➥ Prioritize your goals or to do's
When it comes to actually being motivated to do what you want it is hard to choose where to begin. That is why you should give yourself some time to prioritize the things you have or want to do. Take a seat at your desk or go sit comfortable on your bed or the couch, make a cup of tea for yourself and make a list of what you want to achieve or what you have to do. After you think you wrote down everything, it is time to decide which one you have/want to do first. This gives your mind more clarity and your mind will less likely stress out, because you have a clear list of what you want to do.

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➥ Self care
Being motivated starts with yourself. When you do not want to be motivated by yourself or by others it is hard for your mind to make you feel motivated. You have to open up to the idea of making something of yourself. The ambition within you has to be set free. Even when you think it is not there anymore, it always is. To do this you have to put yourself first. Love yourself. It is easy to say 'love yourself', but it is hard to achieve. It is a process, just like the process to get motivated. Self care also means that when certain people in your life tell you, you cannot do something, do not believe them! They don't deserve your attention and above all don't deserve your love and energy. These people are poison and deleting them out of your life is the perfect self care.

Even when you finally achieved the feeling of motivation, the feeling you achieved something or that you have finally crossed off all the things of your to do list; treat yourself. You did it, good job! Now, keep on being you.

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➥ Keep a routine
Keeping a routine keeps you on the road to motivation. You know what you are getting yourself into, because it is all planned out. The first few times of doing something new, like exercising or keeping up your homework will be strange to you, but when you do this every day at the same time of the day. It is a routine, it becomes normal. You will keep feeling motivated and your ambition to succeed will grow. The longer you keep yourself motivated, the nearer your end goal will be. That is the mindset you will keep the rest of your life.

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Lots of love,