I see women everywhere, passionate of the curlings in their hair~

The frills in their dress~

The gait in their walk.

Yet the positives of these slight nuances of beauty are hardly ever talked about

Instead we focus on the disciplines of makeup - and how it is the only thing we could possibly add onto ourselves besides a slight sense of modestly extravagant fashion to make ourselves feel beautiful.

Beautiful enough to be talked about that is.

Beautiful enough to be checked out.

Hard to believe makeup and fashion are a beauty bias?

Think back again to the past 8 days of your life....

"When was the last time you were commented on for the beauty of your wits or the slight parting of your lips when you concentrate?"

Astounding isn't it my dear readers?

Beauty is more than just a good blush and a shirt.

Its soul deep.

Its your quirks that make you absolutely magnificient!

You see that woman walking down the street with a full lock of curls?

She just came from a karate class - she says she likes the way the waves of air sprout and woosh through her hair as her opponents hands zip by. How light and airy the bounce feels when she takes him down. The feel of sun as it turns her hair a tint of gold - and smoldering in embarrassment the opponent looks up to her only to be smoldered in such quirky beauty as she offers a goofy grin.

You see beauty isnt always asymmetrical.

And this woman's grin had a slant like the blinds the sun shone through. Her chin was also a bit more tilted to the right side - eyebrow raised a bit higher than the left.

And yet...still...she looked like a fierce lion surrounded by a pedestal of light that did nothing but just bring more clarity to the beauty that was already there - it was then - that the guy realized; that everything he said about the women's appearance before that got him into this sparring match - was wrong.

She's a noble of her own land.

A beauty of no other kind.

For her beauty, was a quirky beauty.

And quirky beauty, is unique.

So my precious readers - we all have a bit of quirky beauty within us. Something that seperates our bodies, our souls from the rest~

Can you guess?

They say she's got - a....personalliittyyyyy~~

The second woman is seen wearing a frilly dress up the street - dancing up sidewalks like shes somewhat obsolete - yet its not true. Every one can see her.

A guy comes up and says something that could be considered a personal slander "AAAAAAAYYYYYEEEE JOANNNAAA!!!! Didn't you leave the pub today? Why you flashin the streets - a pretty woman like you shouldn't be dancin so good infront of cars with rolled down windows"

She pays no mind and continues dancing only replying with a joyous and twirly motion of tongue and heart "the Pub never leaves me johnny - im a dancer at heart, im not here to give guys thrills. Im here to to walk home wearing my frills. So please roll up your window and drive on stranger"

You see the guy in this story only noticed a beauty skindeep, he didnt appreciate her quirks or her frills that expanded on her cheery personality.

Ladies let this be a dating tip.

Dont date anyone that doesnt appreciate "you" for "you" or even tries to harrass you on the street for that matter.

Youre so much more than that!

And oh boy do you show it!

Through the gait in your walk

The gait in your walk

The gai-gai- you get the gist - women who vogue and strut and show off their movements in the most peculiar and subconscious of ways. Its just so natural to them.

These natures

That they dont even notice.

How powerful their walk is

Their talk is

Their sways

And heys - how loud their booming voices can be if they just...

...took the time to get to know themselves a little more.

To spend time with theirselves - and learn what makes them so different and precious!

To pick up on those quirks that nobody seems to notice yet all seem to notice at the same time, becuase i bet the job that you just walked into and got loved your gait, the way you sway and walked - but reasoned it to be the beauty of the makeup on your face or your natural genetic brilliance that gave you the features you have! But no, im willing to bet it was your walking quirk that gave you the job.

It exhibited an air of confidence nobody else can muster except you

And heightened the beauty that is already "you".

It is your quirks that give you beauty and heighten your physical traits. It gives your Physical traits a hint of something living and breathing within them.

Your quirks are your makeup.

Their your clothing.

The more invisible yet visible thing a person sees upon first laying Their eyes on you.

What makes some people fall in love - and yet they still say its the way you look.

Maybe they just dont know how to describe the beauty that is your quirks.

But i do.

And i can help you too to.

Just take time alone and begin to notice the things you do subconsciously when your writing or reading or talking.

Whatever activity youre doing

I bet you have a quirk to go with it.

- your - quirks - help you - win at life!

They’re a gift your born with

Realize them and harness them to your benefit.

I bet you will be successful in no time my dear friends, my powerful women, my gorgeous readers!

So let us combine our hands and raise each other to the top by appreciating each other’s quirky uniqueness!

Lets stop just commenting on makeup and clothing - lets comment on what makes us women and humanity in general powerful!

Our Quirky Charm~

I love you so much my people <3 may you live long, happy, and healthy lives.