Before we get started, my name is Alanna and I would so deeply appreciate it if you would click on my profile and give me a follow! I'm always adding aesthetic photos and helpful/pleasing articles on my page. This article will be your ultimate source on how to achieve your dream bedroom. You do not need a fujillion dollars to do this; I will provide sites, links, and ideas so that you can stay on a budget.


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Getting Started

Before you can even start to do the cosmetic work to your bedroom, you need to thoroughly clean that room. Toss any trash, donate unwanted clothes, vacuum your floors, go through your items and ORGANIZE. Optional: Once you have done those steps, I suggest that you paint your wall a light/neutral color. You can then add some furniture/decor that has some color but try to limit your colors. Your bedroom will appear aesthetic and more cohesive.


Before you can start adding your decorations, it's important that you find the perfect furniture that suits you (unless you already have furniture that will flow with your bedroom). Some pieces that I definitely suggest would be a makeup table, a clothing rack, and a wall mirror. Here are some links that I have saved on amazon of some furniture that you may like:

Desk Lamp -

Computer/Makeup Chair -

Wall Shelf -

I could go on and on, but you know what you're looking for. You can always search Youtube to find some furniture DIY projects such as a makeup table, bed frame, and a customized ottoman.


Now this is the most fun part. You can literally do any color since you have a neutral room. I personally like greens as my color because I love displaying plants in terrariums or little cacti in my bedroom. So here are some basic items that I suggest: a faux fur rug (super soft and make a cute backdrop!), fairy lights, and throw pillows. Here are some more links of decor that I love:

Display Grid Panel -

Vase Plant Terrarium -

Marble Flameless Candles -

Tips and Advice

- You can store your makeup brushes in mason jars
- Add acrylic makeup organizers to your drawers to make life easier
- A bedskirt will make your room look more together
- I plan on displaying my polaroids and fujifilms on a wall shelf. I think it's a cute idea
- Store your nail polish on a cupcake display

Where to Buy

You always see these adorable bedrooms on here, Pinterest, and Instagram, but you never see where those items can be purchased at. Well, I got chu. Here is a list of shops (both in-store and online) where you can find your bedroom needs and wants:

- TJ Maxx (The HOLY GRAIL of furniture, decor, makeup, YOU NAME IT!)
- Amazon (You can literally find anything on here)
- Urban Outfitters (Super expensive, but super cute)
- (They sell home decor. Who knew?)
- Target (Target is a blessing.)
- Ikea (Subtle furniture that will make your room look amazing!)


I know it was long so thank you for the read! I really hope this article helped you and if you need any further advice, I would check out Youtube for tutorials. I will post my before and after photos on here soon! Love you all.

3/10/18 by Lana K.