Hello there,

I noticed your love for Sam Nishimura, Lara Croft and Tomb Raider in general and thought I would reach out.

I am part of a movement called Save Sam Nishimura. We are a thousand fans gathered in an attempt to bring Sam back in Lara’s life, if not in the game, at least in the comics. As you may know, despite being a fans’ favorite after Lara, her character had be shoved aside for reasons that are still unclear to this day.

Even if the reboot was released 5 years ago now, fans are still longing for Sam and have decided for a few months now, to fight for her return.
We believe that Lara doesn’t have to be cold and alone to be an interesting character and that Sam is the light touch Lara and the comics need.

If like us, you love Sam and want to see her back in Lara’s life, join us and help us fight for her.

Follow us on Twitter:

(link: https://twitter.com/BringSamNback) twitter.com/BringSamNback

On Tumblr

(link: http://savesamnishimura.tumblr.com) savesamnishimura.tumblr.com

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(link: http://savesamnishimura.mywebcommunity.org) savesamnishimura.mywebcommunity.org

You can also share Sam arts on Weheartit to show Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and all the people in the TR fandom that Sam Nishimura hasn’t been forgotten. She deserves all the love she can get and isn’t it what weheartit is all about?

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So tell your friends, spread the word, let the world know Sam Nishimura won’t go quietly into the night, no, Sam won’t vanish without a fight.

And Follow the SamSpeaks Hashtag where I will discuss life and beauty through Sams Point of View as her character is generally kind and considerate in Nature

You’re all beautiful sweeties <3 Peace out!