my life in pictures, i did a little twist but i hope it's ok.

my fashion;

fashion, style, and aesthetic image Image by tenderly fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, dress, and aesthetic image


Image removed fruit image food, fruit, and friends image food, cake, and aesthetic image

my dream bedroom;

room, bed, and apartment image cat, cute, and animal image room, bedroom, and bed image room, vintage, and grunge image bed, white, and bedroom image bedroom image

my dream friend;

flowers, girl, and dark image accessories, black, and dark image curly hair and curly boy image beautiful, girl, and grunge image couple, sky, and nature image girl, vintage, and friends image aesthetic, fashion, and green image art, girl, and aesthetic image

the perfect morning;

yellow, aesthetic, and bed image food image glasses, sunglasses, and vintage image vintage, indie, and window image

how my head feels;

waves, ocean, and sea image flowers, rose, and red image lana del rey, lana, and indie image Image by tenderly

makeup aesthetic;

makeup, freckles, and eyes image lips, aesthetic, and glitter image makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image eyebrows, glow, and gorgeous image

where i would run away to;

sea image aesthetic, sun, and architecture image cafe, city, and travel image forest, green, and nature image Image by M* R* M* paris, travel, and france image night, city, and dark image window, sea, and beach image

how i treat my self;

book, bathe, and girl image piano, music, and black and white image tea, coffee, and milk image bed, boy, and wake up image