This is the first that I write an article here, I wanted to share my thoughts on that topic.
In today's society people are judging each other based on how they look, how they talk, their careers...basically everything.

I feel really sorry for people who waste their time talking about others and making fun of their decisions... but the question is, why do they do that ?
Do they feel so desperate about themselves that they want others to feel the same way or even worse ? Do they feel insecure ?

Well, I don't have an answer. But I can tell you how a judged person feels, because I've been there and I know exactly what I am talking about.
We feel hurted, disrespected, we feel like we cannot be accepted as we are in the society, we feel sometimes depressed because we're cannot be just normal people, we feel like we have to prove something to the world...It actually can oblige you to think inside the box of judgments. You start to over analyse people's behavior, you start to obsess over being normal and it kills you from the inside...

For people who judge, I want to tell you that it hurts you too...It can make your self-esteem lower, make you more close-minded, and depressed.

So why don't you just fuck off ?