i just realized something
i am friends with many people,
but i have no real friends.
i hang out with them and we have real fun,
but no one really cares about me
i cried about that for a little while,
but then i realized that being sad sucks
i have to enjoy myself and love myself
Image by koda nails, rings, and red image red, lips, and aesthetic image red, makeup, and aesthetic image
make yourself pretty just for you
if no one loves you, no one cares how you look
so wear pretty lipstick, no lipstick
step out of your comfort zone and try a new style
wear those crazy pants our mom hates
dress up, just for yourself
food, fruit, and cherry image fashion, style, and grunge image
treat your tummy
go out on your own,
make home dinner for you,
eat in 6 different coffee shops,
your tummy is worth
more than noodles
autumn, red, and black image red, exit, and rose image red, body, and aesthetic image aesthetic, dark, and theme image
do things you love
buy flowers,
take a day trip somewhere,
pet a cat,
do what makes you happy
do something,
that makes you love
your own company,
something that makes
you love yourself