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Endurance Sports
Sports that require a lot of endurance (such as swimming or track) teaches a person perseverance , drive, and tenacity. These traits are great for a person in sales or business development.

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High Risk Pursuits
Activities such as mountain climbing, mountain bike racing and sky diving show that the person is to push limits and take calculated risks. This you a great leader, especially in a product or department setting.

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Creative Hobbies
Hobbies that bring out your creativity (such as cooking and painting) show that your mind is very creative! People with these hobbies really shine in marketing and design, the more dynamic sectors.

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Team Sports
Group sports like football, softball, hockey, and dodgeball show that you can work efficiently in a group setting to reach a certain goal. While this trait is great in all settings people with this trait would work best in a team-based enviorment.

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Strategic Mind Games
People who like chess and sudoku enjoy thinking strategically. This strength is needed most in positions where strategy formation is what you do most of the time or a plan-based role.

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Creative Writing
People who write poetry or personal blogs highlights their passion in writing and their strength in writing. This skill is highly looked for in editorial or public relations positions, especially in communication.

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Reading, Museum, or Libraries
Interest in learning-based activities show that the person has a hunger for knowledge. This passion makes you essential to a research team or intensive research.

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Community Group Involvement
People who like to volunteer are very comfortable working with and helping others. This is a very simple trait but they can work pretty much anywhere!

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