Hi guys.
I really don't know how to say sorry for my long absence. this s a very busy period, I have a lot of homework so I have to study a lot but sometimes I can post som imagines.
But...let's go!

Day number 6: five ways to win your heart

it's very very difficoult to win my haeart because I trust almost nobody. When I have to know new people I am like a ice block, I don't talk to anybody and I act like an hedgehog.

1- be a fangirl/fanboy

bitch fangirl
if you are a fangirl/fanboy it'll be easy for we both because I am.

2-smile me

Superthumb beauty
I don't smile so much and I love people smiling but only true smiles.

3- talk to me

aesthetic Superthumb
I can talk only with my dear friends so if you talk with me about things I care, maybe smiling me, I will like you

4-watch something with me

coca cola Superthumb
I think you can know people watching something with them. you can find out what they like eating and drinking, what they like wearing and most of themselves.

5-be yourself

motivation Superthumb
I just hate liars!

As usual, that's all for today!

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