My self love journey has been somewhat of a trying one. There was a point in time where I thought that I was pretty close to reaching the pinnacle of loving everything about myself, only to be knocked down by realizing my weight didn't define my worth as an individual. Of course, I was slightly devastated. No, I was extremely devastated. Insecurity had been brewing inside me ever since I was I started school. I really thought that I was done. This was my senior year, so I started back to square one. I entered college, hoping that a new change of scenery would help me emerge into this state of being me. Then I was knocked down again, and this time it left me with some great difficulty trying to get back up. I've had a hard time healing. I've hurt myself, as well as hurt others, and the only thing I can do is learn from my mistakes and move forward. Right now I'm slowly climbing back up to where I once was. Taking a mental hit in October, and then another one at the end of February. I look at some social media influencers and how they deal or dealt with their self love journey. Yes, it can give people a glimpse of hope, but don't always try to follow everything that someone else has done. It might not be the way to help you. Gazing through people's social media, I would see their posts of them traveling to Puerto Vallarta and Trinidad and Tobago. I use to think that traveling to another country would cure me of any depression and any pain that I was still holding on to. I planned to go to Ghana, London, or Prague. I looked forward to getting away, essentially running away from my problems. That is not the right way to handle things. Because when I return, my problems will be right there waiting for me. Don't compare your journey to others. Don't rush the process because others are further ahead. You don't know how long they have been struggling. Don't get discouraged. Your journey is your own. You have to figure out what will be beneficial for you! For me, it's living in my truth and evaluating my actions and the mistakes that I have made from them. It's going to talk to someone about my issues and dealing with them in a healthy way. If I am still being affected from something that happened a year ago, I think the precautions that I have taken aren't enough, and I am responsible for that. I am still going through with my journey, and it's okay. The journey will take time. The journey will twist and turn. It'll be a breeze at some moments, and then a treacherous terrain during other times. You will make mistakes! A lot of them! You may hurt others, intentionally and unintentionally. You will help people too. Other people's journeys are different. Like fingerprints, they are all different. Don't be upset at your own. You will reach the point of full self acceptance eventually, and it will be a beautiful end result.