*Sorry I have not posted more articles. My goal is to write a book and that is what I have been working on and will continue working on until it is finished. l will not be posting much more until I finish the rough draft so I have added a few other writing prompts for you to enjoy until I am back on. Also, this short story I have been saving for a while and I hope you enjoy it.*

Start of short story:

“Ready for another year of awkward conversation and unmet expectations?”

“No, but I brought tequila, so it will be soon.”

“James Dwain Menasy, we are at school!”

“Don’t go getting your panties in a knot Angelica. Its concealed nicely in this water bottle.”

“You are impossible.”

“As usual.”

Both Angelica Marie Buick and James Toronto entered their junior year of high school at Jackeline High. James and Angelica had a knack for getting into situations normal students wouldn’t. Don’t be fooled by Angelica’s logical side. Her crazy equals and sometimes surpasses her friends. Their last two years of school was not without its strange occurrences, but more than likely they caused most of them. To this day no one had ever suspected them as the culprits. These two did not just play tricks but had a very dark side no one but each other knew about. Being super careful at covering their tracks was how they stayed out of police radar.

“I think we should keep a low-profile J.” Angelica said sarcastically.

They were sitting in their first period history class. Mr. Peterson was talking about the cotton gin and how it changed the lives of so many people. To Angelica, this class was super boring. She didn’t like reliving the past. History was, well history to her. It could never be changed. Peterson tried telling her that we learn from the past. Angelica knew that he was right, but they also learned how to improve the tactics used to destroy people and their families for future reference from their mistakes. Angelica had a knack for chemistry and how reactions happened with different chemicals. This was her strongest subject.

“If I didn’t know you better A, I’d think you were scared,” James replied.

Angelica pulled a bag out of her backpack just enough that James could see it. It contained a red liquid that even James did not know what was in it. They were both siting in the back by the doors, which were open. No one noticed when they both slipped out. The hallway cameras hadn’t worked for years. Students were told they did as a scare technique to keep them from getting into too much trouble. These two knew they weren’t on because they had broken into the security room of the school to check. The only thing they had to worry about was the wondering principle. However, he walked almost the same route every year.

They were headed to the empty gym. Here they began drinking the tequila James had brought. They reminisced on the years of friendship they had under the belt. Thirteen if you were wondering. Feeling that they had consumed enough of the spirt to perform what was to come, they headed to a random teacher’s door. Using the gloves Angelica brought, they marked her door with the red liquid, which was blood Angelica had collected. The mark they drew was three slanted lines with one running vertically through it. This was a deadly mark, used by a killer who tortured their victims before death, aka Angelica and James.

They couldn’t go back to class, so they waited in a car they broke into for the teacher whose door they had marked. Once someone noticed the mark, they would more than likely send her home early. As they had predicted, after a long thirty-minute wait, she came out. She was walking fast out of the front doors of the school, headed for her car. James was driving their stolen car. He quickly started the vehicle and drove it beside the teacher. Angelica pulled the teacher in and knocked her out before she saw who was attacking her. Angelica had opened the seat beforehand so that she could shove the teacher in the trunk. After doing her deed, she jumped into the passenger seat, so she could put their favorite kidnap CD in the player.

James drove out to their old hide out they had used several other times. Here they had the equipment to torture their victims sat up. Angelica had come up the idea to kidnap their victims from different places in town. So far, this tactic had kept the police confused. There victims were as different as night and day too. The town had coined the killer, or so they believed it was only one killer, “The Beast” because of how each body was discovered. Always mangled beyond repair and near to impossible to recognize by both DNA and their teeth. Personal objects were the only way to figure out who they once were.

Angelica and James’ current victim was their school’s counselor. They hadn’t killed someone from their school yet and this was something both had preferred not to do for fear of being caught. The pair didn’t have anything against her, she was just unlucky in their way of picking their victims. James and Angelica chose their victims randomly as well. Each one had nothing in common to one another. They would see someone and follow them for weeks or even months at a time. Usually they had five different people they would follow at a time. When it came down to the day they were to do the deed, Angelica was the one who chose which of the five they would kidnap.

By the end of the same day, Angelica had destroyed all the easy routes of figuring out who their counselor used to be. Angelica was the one person who knew how to use chemicals in a way that it would destroy anything or everything it touched. This was her famous concoction that she had perfected over the years. It was James’ job to get rid of the counselor’s body. He decided that driving the stolen vehicle off a cliff wilts on fire, was the best way. The fire would also destroy any other evidence that may not have been destroyed by Angelica. The only problem was that they needed another car to leave the scene in.

With the goal of stealing another car from their school, Angelica went back to the school to find the perfect vehicle for their escape. A teacher’s car was what she chose to steal. He wouldn’t know it was even gone because he was the football coach and didn’t go back to his car until afterward. If seen, the teacher’s vehicle wouldn’t trace back to him and not Angelica or James. They weren’t worried about leaving fingerprints. Angelica excelled in wiping things clean with her chemicals. She had done it for everything that they had done through the years. Angelica and James would have to come back to the school again anyway. Their vehicles were still at school.

When Angelica met up with James at the meeting point, James doused the car with as much gasoline as he had. He even put some on the body for extra burning. They were both wearing cleaning clothes, so they didn’t leave fingerprints. No one would come out this far at this time of day. Everyone was either working or waiting to pick up kids at school. The weird scene wouldn’t be found until school ended. They had at least forty minutes to do this job and make it back to school before it go out. James put the car in drive. Angelica lit a match and dropped it in right before they both pushed it off a cliff.

The car blew up when it hit the bottom of the cliff, but Angelic and James were halfway to school already and out of the suits they had used to keep their DNA out of the vehicle. Quickly they cleaned the vehicle just to make sure nothing but the teacher and maybe his wife’s DNA would be present. They even made sure to park it in the same spot the teacher had and in almost the same way. The chemical Angelica used to clean the car had no smell, so the teacher couldn’t tell anything had happened to his vehicle while he was coaching. Afterwards, Angelica and James both went to the lockers they had beside each other and grabbed their stuff. Without saying anything, they parted ways and went home.

The next morning James saw the news about a car crash on the family television. His father was watching the local news while they all ate breakfast. It was the same car James and his partner set on fire the previous day. The vehicle was just found by a local runner, so they had no idea what was in store for them in the forensic side of things yet. Angelica saw the news too, because she messaged him. It was always a simple message anyone who watched the news might message someone about a major headline. That way the police couldn’t look at their phone records and see anything weird. Like I said, they were artists in the trade of killing, and this was not their first victim, nor would it be their last.

PS: First two lines of dialogue are where I used the writing prompt.