This is the real article and i love it!!

1. She looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear and I know now, that I’m so down your lipstick stain is a work of art I’ve got your name tattooed in an arrow heart and I know now, that I’m so down.

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She looks so perfect

2. Leaves fall from the tallest trees even mountains crumble into the sea holding on to memories and I can’t let go.

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San Francisco

3. When he says those words that hurt you, do you read the ones i wrote you?

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4. Next day out everybody thought you were so insane cause you were so far out of my League my friends say I should lock you down before you figure me out and you run away but you don't and you won't as you kiss me and you tell me that you're here to stay.

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End up here

5. I dedicate this song to you the one who never sees the truth
that i can take away you hurt, Heartbreak girl.

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Heartbreak girl

6. I won't waste another day wishing this would fade away running but not looking back i want a little bit of California with a little bit of London sky i wanna take my heart to the end of the world and fly away tonight .

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Fly away

7. I want to print my hands in the pavement savour your words, I won't ever waste them look in your eyes and know just what you meant.

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8. Six weeks since I’ve been away now you’re saying everything has changed and I’m afraid that I might be losing you.

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Close as Strangers

9. This is everything I didn’t say, i wish I could’ve made you stay.

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This is everything i didn't say

10. Tell the truth and I’ll show you how to dare. Flash lights held tight we could own this town.

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Kiss me, Kiss me

I hope you like it even if you do not know them.