hi! i've never made an article before, but yesterday i thought it would be a pretty great way to share my playlists with you guys, so here's the first one, i really hope you like it ;)

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the heart of music.

an instrumental playlist for anxiety, study & rainy days

take some time to breathe and enjoy the heart of every music: the instrumental. in this enormous universe of songs, i've chosen some hearts for you to hear when you forget that for every music in this world, there's a different beating and a different story for you to imagine. from dean's song to even game of thrones soundtrack, i hope you can feel at ease with those melodies.


here's 6 of the 50 songs on the playlist!

~,~ dinner (inst) - suho, jane jang ~,~
~,~ what 2 do (inst) - dean, crush, jeff bernat ~,~
~,~ thunderbird - hans zimmer, pete haycock ~,~
~,~ linda linda (inst) - fromm ~,~
~,~ help (inst) - 10cm ~,~
~,~ the north remembers - ramin djawadi ~,~

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