I made a list to all the babies who are still not 18 and have time to do stuff.
it's obviously just my own list and there is no pressure to do things you are not ready for yet.

Sleep under the stars

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conversation at night while looking at the stary sky s the best moment of your life

Go abroad

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The moment you step out of the plane is the moment you have to learn about the world from the very beginning again. The magic of something unknown yet.

Have a first kiss

beach couple kiss couple

Swim at night

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refreshing summer

Go to a lit party

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Dance the night away

Ride a horse

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Do a movie marathon

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I did that for Harry Potter so it is a huge recommendation.

Fall in love

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You mustn't fall in with human. It can be a city or a language. As long as it makes you feel good.

Write yourself a letter

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It is realy exciting to read about your whole year after living it through. I mean, I write a letter for myself every new year's eve and then I read it next year. It's weird but also very cool to see yourself changing.

Find at least one book that you like

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You must read a book to realize the truth in your mind.

Go to a summer festival

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Cool kids go where good music is.

Find a best friend

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Because in the whole world there is nobody else to understand you better than your best friend. All the best memories are made with those people.

Buy yourself a present

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Treat yourself ♥

Get a sun tattoo

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How cool is that?

Get your hair done

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idk make it good

Meet someone on the internet/ find a foreigner friend (it can always be me kkk)

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Some of the coolest people that I have ever met, were the ones that live very far away. But in future, there is always a possibility to meet.

Watch all the seasons of Sex and the City

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This movie is a legend! No matter how old I ever am, I will always remember what these 4 women taught me.

Learn to love yourself.

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Because after all, there is ony you.

Find a role model

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inspiration can come from others

Go to a concert

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If it's your favourite band or singer that is lit.