Hi guys! Since I am from the Netherlands I wanted to mention some cities that are worth a visit. Hope you enjoy :)

Cities you should visit in the Netherlands

➳ The Hague
The Hague is the political city of the Netherlands. I've been living in the Hague for a while, now, and I can honestly tell you guys that it is not something I regret. Living in a city like this was a challenge, because I am from a small village, but now I wouldn't want to go back to live in a village again.

Beside that, The Hague is a great city to grab some coffee with friends, visit many musea and shop while you're at it. Also the Hague has a great beach in Scheveningen. To sum it up, you really should pay it a visit when you decide to go to the Netherlands.

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➳ Eindhoven
EIndhoven is a quite underrated city, but it is really vibrant and alive. The people there are different than the people in for example The Hague or Amsterdam, but you get used to that. It is even close to Belgium, so you can pop by when you are close. It is a city where you can get a different perspective of the Netherlands. It is a nice city to just chill out, go to the movies or chill at a café. And yet again, you can shop there pretty good as well.

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➳ Rotterdam
When I want to shop, I go to Rotterdam. It is a nice city to explore, but it is really big and multinational. There lots of skyscrapers and it is really modern. This might set you off when first visiting other cities in the Netherlands. However, Rotterdam is a city with all kinds of people. The sphere is enjoyable, it is the place to get a drink and you can do lots of other things as well. Believe me, you could never get bored in Rotterdam!

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➳ Haarlem
Haarlem is a city with a cozy atmosphere. It gives a bit of a village vibe, but still is a great city to visit. It is not as big as the other cities, it is a cute, small city. Great cafés to grab a drink or something to eat. Just walking there is an adventure itself, because of the history of the city. When you enjoy a smaller city, somewhat laid back, you should pay Haarlem a visit.

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Lots of Love,