hey babes!

since I have some free time right now I decided to write the second part of life advice as promised!

I hope y'all enjoy!


if you have the opportunity to do something, do it

don't be scared, some opportunities are once in a lifetime.

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always tip your waiter

at most restaurants, the waiters tips are the only money they make, so make sure it's at least 20%.

my boyfriend is a server and I'm a host so it can get annoying when you get no money when you worked super hard for some people.

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get involved

get involved in school, your community, church, etc.

this is another good way of making friends.

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work hard in high school

of course you want to have fun, but your grades have to come first.

years from now, you won't even remember everyone's names.

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don't bring food to the beach

this one might seem weird but is really helpful.

seagulls WILL fly around you and WILL fly up to your face and WON'T leave at all, I've learned from experience.

also sand will get in your food, which also isn't fun.

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save money, especially for college

try not to spend money often, if you have to, spend it on necessities.

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eliminate toxic friends

you should know who your real friends are, especially when you go through a rough time. cut ties with the toxic ones, you don't need people dragging you behind.

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don't feel pressured

make your own decisions, don't let others force you into doing anything you don't want.

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I'm not saying go to the gym everyday, just make sure you get outside the house, maybe go on a long walk.

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don't do drugs

I know most teenagers do drugs but I just don't get it. you're gonna have a problem later in life if you don't stop.

please don't ruin your future.

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thank y'all so much for reading!

I'll try to come out with another article when I get back home.

check out my previous article!

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xoxo, olivia