Hello everyone.

Today's about self-love. Well, about 3 things I like about myself, according to the 30 days writing challenge (created by @themermaidwriter). This is going to be difficult, because as @themermaditwriter said in her post, people with low self-esteem might find this task hard to accomplish. But it's good to appreciate yourself, in order to accept yourself and embrace your imperfections. Take it slow. ❤️

This is her post for Day 7. I think it's quite inspiring and lovely.

Day 7 - Write about three things you like about you

1. My eyes

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They're plain old brown, but I like the shape, and how they glimmer when I smile.
I also like to see my reflection in them while looking in the mirror, though it's like a reflection-ception. It's still nice though?

2. ‎My hands

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My hand are small and soft, but they're great for writing on the computer, reaching for objects in tight spaces, and they're pretty good for playing the ukulele.

3. My determination‎

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There was a very long time when I thought that all my determination was lost. But slowly, I've been trying to regain it, or maybe find it, and it helps me a lot to fight procrastination and try to do my best.

I know, I think it's pretty obvious that I treated this article pretty lazily, but it's been a long day today. Plus, trying to find something I like about myself, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. So, sorry about the not-so-great quality of my last two articles.

Thank you for reading and have a good day.

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