I am an ardent environmentalist. So it's my duty to provide tips on how to reduce our waste, reduce our emissions and better our little pretty planet :)

1. Use less plastic

You can do this by buying bamboo toothbrushes, not getting plastic bags when you go to the store or shopping (bring your own it's cuter) and having a refillable water bottle.

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cute backpacks are the way forward guys

2. Switch off lights

I know y'all wanna have that cute tumblr aesthetic of fairy lights. (I'm the same). Or maybe not? You might prefer the filament bulbs. Whatever it is remember to turn it off when you leave the room. You don't wanna suck up all the energy from the Earth just to be cute.

Image by Triinu
Once you get into the habit, it sticks.

3. Internet less, outside more

We are always forgetting to enjoy the outdoors because of how amazing the internet is. Between tumblr, instagram, netflix and weheartit when can you go outside?

Just try to put your phone on silent and move away from your laptop. You won't be wasting electricity on those and you'll be loving the beauty of the outside world once more.

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4. Buy second hand

Making new materials can produce emissions which impact our ecosystem. We have enough clothing items in the world to go round so have a hunt at your local thrift store or charity shop and you'll find some goodies! I wish you luck on the hunt :)

macklemore and thriftshop image
You are my favourite if you get the reference

5. Eat less meat

I'm not saying go vegetarian or vegan. You don't have to do that. However, the production of meat is a lengthy and non-environmentally friendly process so limiting your amount would not just greatly help animals but also the Earth.

Plus this is getting easier with all the AMAZING choices available.

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If you don't believe me look into this one. Also watch Cowspiracy on Netflix.


There are tonnes of other ways to minimise your impact if you wanna look into it! Just do a quick Youtube search and you are sorted.

If you got this far thanks for reading and as always thank you to photo suppliers.

Love y'all and stay green!