Well, i´m back with another article.
In this one i´m going to talk about a few things that make me happy. I hope you´ll enjoy it.

- Music
Music is everything for me. I am listening to music all day and i couldn´t live without it. I just love listening to it, singing and dancing to it or trying to really understand the lyrics. Concerts are my happy place and i would love to learn an instrument and to make my own music one day. I remember singing to hannah montana or high school musical songs when i was in primary school and i still do this sometimes. When i started to listen to "real" music a few years ago, it really changed my life.

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- Books
I love reading books. It just helps me to calm down and makes me so happy. There are so many beautiful and interesting books with different stories and it´s so nice to find a character who you can identify with.

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- My friends
I never had real friends. In kindergarten i was always older than my friends, so i lost them when i came into school. In primary school i had lots of friends but they always had other friends which were "better" than me. In secondary school i had a best friend, but in grade 8 she became "cool" and was not a very good friend anymore. In grade 6 there was another girl who was my best friend, but she changed school and we drifted apart. Then i had a few friends that i actually hated most of the time. Now, since i go to my new school i found some wonderful friends. All of them are so sweet and nice and i´m so happy i met them. I love my friends.

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- My family
I love my family. It´s pretty hard sometimes and they can be so annoying, but they´re always there for me and i couldn´t live without them.

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- Learning / School
I know this probably sounds weird but i really love this feeling when you notice that you learned something new or when you´re at school and you learn something that is just very interesting. School can be so shitty and of course there are subjects that i hate but if you are motivated and want to learn it can be pretty cool. And good marks make me feel so smart and proud sometimes.

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- My cat
I have a cat called Lilli and she is just so cute and wonderful. I sometimes talk to her and just looking at this cute little thing makes me happy.

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- Concerts
As i already said, concerts are my happy place. I love how you can feel the music and how close you are to the people who make you so happy with their music. It´s also so cool to just see that they really exist. Concerts make me feel so free and alive. I went to 4 concerts so far and i loved every one. I was at a one direction concert when i was 12, at 2 melanie martinez concerts in 2016 and at a the 1975 one last year. In april i´m finally going to see fall out boy.

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- Him
So, there is this boy. He likes me and i like him, too. I actually don´t know him. He uses the same bus as me and he is a friend of one of my friends. He told her that he thinks i´m cute and when she told me i just felt so happy. Every time we see each other we are like staring into each others eyes. But it´s so complicated now because i kinda ruined everything. I am so shy and i just can´t talk to him and he´s also to shy to speak to me. But i don´t know, he makes me happy and sad at the same time. On the one hand, i get butterflies in my stomach and on the other hand i am very sad and scared that he won´t like me anymore when he really knows me.
Just love in general would make me so happy, i mean i never had love before but just the idea of finding the love of my life one day makes me so happy.

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