H E L L O ! There are many incredible and one of a kind foods to try in this huge world. So here is a list of all of the food spots I want to visit so I can try them. One thing to remember is most of these are in big cities because usually, that is where popular spots open. Without further due here we go:

➼ Birthdae Cake { Fountain Valley, California }

Website - http://www.birthdaecake.com/

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With light bulbs, bubble tea, cakes, and colorful ice creams. There are many milkshakes, bubble teas, and ice creams flavors to try.

➼ Taiyaki { NYC and Miami }

Website - http://taiyakinyc.com/

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Most famous in New York, this place just opened a location in Miami. It is a colorful ice cream served in a fish cone. It's kind of hard to explain so look on their website.

➼ Milkcow ( Global )

Website - http://www.milkcow.com.au/

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Now serving the watermelon sandwich ice cream. It is an aesthetically pleasing and deliciously pleasing ice cream shop with many locations around the world.

➼ Sweetcombforts ( Irvine CA, )

Website - http://www.sweetcombforts.com/

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Famous for their sweet waffle pops. If you want you can dip their waffle pops in their milkshakes. Or if you're an ice cream person they just have those.

➼ Eggloo ( NY ) and Wowfulls ( NY )

Website - https://www.myeggloo.com/ & http://wowfulls.com/

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Both in NY and both famous for their Hong Kong egg waffles on the go.

➼ Churned Creamery ( California, for locations, look at their website )

Website - http://www.churnedcreamery.com/menu-1/

Image by ☾ tired but groovy ™ Image by ☾ tired but groovy ™ Image by ☾ tired but groovy ™ Image by ☾ tired but groovy ™

With colorful teas and shakes. Their best item considered ice cream in a warm croissant with as many toppings as you can take.

➼ Little Damage ( Los Angeles )

Website - https://www.littledamage.com/about/

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This place in Los Angeles serves charcoal colored ice cream and cones.

➼ BlackTap ( NYC and Las Vegas )

Website - https://blacktapnyc.com/locations/

candy, cheesecake, and chocolate image food, chocolate, and sweet image biscuit, ice cream, and black tap image food, sweet, and delicious image

Known most famously for their flavourful freakshakes. They also serve small freakshakes, burgers, and beer.

➼ Stuffed Ice Cream ( NYC )

Website - https://stuffedicecreamnyc.com/

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With their 21 scoops ice cream. A variety of ice cream flavors and their donut stuffed ice creams. They have lots to offer.

➼ Maitre Choux ( London )

Website - http://www.maitrechoux.com/

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They have a wonderful and classy variety of eclairs.

➼ Yolkin ( London ) ( currently closed opens spring 2018 )

Website - https://yolkin.co.uk/

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Maracoons + Ice cream. Basically an macaroon ice cream sandwich.

➼ New New York Club ( Tokyo )

Website - http://newnewyorkclub.com/

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This little spot in Tokyo serves New York style rainbow bagels. Make sure to order them before you get there.

➼ Ridges churro bar ( Food truck, check out the website for daily locations )

Website - https://ridgeschurrobar.wixsite.com/ridgeschurrobar

Cookies image ice cream, churros, and food image art, donut, and girl image Image by ☾ tired but groovy ™

An ice cream sunday with its classic two churros on top. This churro bar is a food truck that is on the move all over California.

➼ I hope you liked the articles. I put a little vague info, website, name, and location. These are all very instagrammable if you're looking for photography spots.