From laughing to crying to getting scared

It's no secret that Netflix is one of the biggest streaming platform nowadays, with more that 100 M subscriptions all around the world, they have a huge catalog of movies, tv shows and documentaries, but the big doubt is how to choose what to watch?

Here's a list of 5 tv shows to spend your free time watching, crying and getting deep involved with the story.


It's an CW original tv show, based on Archie Comics. The story is about a murder that happened in a small and pacific town and the first season is based on finding out who killed the golden boy from Riverdale. The second season gives some vibes that reminds Pretty Little Liars with a mixture of Scream.

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Fuller House

It's actually an spinoff from the original Full House (1987-1995). DJ Tanner looses her husband and is left to take care of her three sons, her young sister, Stephanie Tanner and her best friend, Kimmy Gibbler, move in to help her raise the kids. Pretty much like the original, but instead of getting three fathers, they get three mothers. It's such a funny show to watch, it only has three seasons and there's the bonus of seeing the characters from Full House, such as Joey Gladstone, Jesse Katsopolis, Danny Tanner and Rebecca Donaldson.

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An Netflix Original series, based on Cassandra's Clare Mortal Instrumental books. It tells the story about Clary Fray, a girl that has her world turned upside down when her mother disappears and she's left to find out who she really is on her on, in a world where she finds out she's supposed to protect people from demons.

The third season will come out on March 20th on Netflix.

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Jessica Jones

Another Netflix Original series, this time based on a Marvel character. Jessica Jones is an young adult with super powers. The show is about her life and the troubles she goes trough trying to get rid of a men who wants to control her. She takes care of herself and is fearless. Such a good show to watch some girl power.

Season two debuted on March 8th.

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Inspired by the movies, Netflix created a tv show version of it. It all starts with a murder and as the episodes go by more people are killed and it frights the whole town. It's scary, but not like in the horror movies, more like thriller. There's a lot of blood, killing, confusion and even funny parts.

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