You are annoyed of your Skin? you want to do something against it?
Here are some tips!

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Who doesn´t want a flawless Skin? It is so beautiful

1.Drink water!

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Water is so important for your Skin! your Skin will look fresher after only 10 minutes!!

2.remove your Make up!

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I don´t think that I am the only one who hates it but it is so important to remove your Makeup before you go to bed! Your Skin is full of dirt and you will rub it into your pillow!!

3.face masks

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there are so much face masks with different effects and they are so helpful ig. Hydrate your Skin,extra for pimples, peel-off masks for impurities, cleaning masks, masks against wrinkles and much more

4.face cream

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after removing your Makeup before going to bed you should put on some Lotion. water

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wash your face with hot water in the morning and also before going to bed
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6.body Lotions I really love Body lotions! They are refreshing for your Skin and they smell so good!!

These are just some tipps! Hope you like it! Leave a like! There will soon be more of this! Feel free to write me! I´d like to know your opinion towards my We Heart It page!!