Hey guys!!
This is my second article, I am going with quotes this time too.
Hope you like it :)

stars, love, and couple image
1. Stars fall and the world goes blind
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2.You must have chaos into yourself to give births to dancing stars
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3.They say universe falls in love with a stubborn heart
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4.The tides are in our veins, we still mirror stars
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5.Watching the stars and wishing you are them
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6.Let's dance under the rain of dreams and universe, and under the dust of stars

7.Don't forget to look up at the sky full of stars

8.Maybe in another world I would be different, but we are here in this world

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9.I am the Universe, dressed like human for a little while (the one i love most)
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10. We are stardust trying to find it's way back to stars (Love this one too much)