1. Muse
All their songs are so freaking epic! You listen to them and suddenly you want to fight in a war and then ride into the sunset seriously
I really like their new song Thought Contagion

2. National Treasure – Manic Streat Preachers
They’ve got a lot of political songs that make you think and also their music is just good . One of my faves from this album is probably If you tolerate this your children will be next

3. Is there anybody outhere – A great big world
That’s a different kind of „change the world music“ because it makes me want to hug people and buy strangers flowers. (and cuddle dogs but everything makes me want to cuddle dogs) So if you’re sad right now please just listen to Cheer up! or Land of Opportunity

4. American Idiot – Green Day
Pretty obvious in my opinion. There were also on of the first bands that I listened to when I was younger and that got me into like pop punk music. So I couldn’t make a playlist like this without them

5. Big fish Theory – Vince Staples
Really good music, I just started listening to like West coast indie stuff and I really enjoyed the whole album.