Hello again everyone and here is the next day of this challenge which is: Write about two memories.

Memory 1
I met my favorite band in 2014, Crown The Empire. Surprisingly I wasn’t nervous or awkward at all when talking to them. Now there’s one guy Brandon, who used to never really talk because he stuttered (I think he’s worked on it so it's not as bad anymore). I asked for a picture with him and then afterward he started talking to me because all the other VIP were talking to the rest of the band and not him. So that was really sweet, and overall the band was just the sweetest and of course, their performance was amazing.

crown the empire image crown the empire image
These are my own photos and I was 14 at the time so enjoy awkward me

Memory 2
If you don’t know what warped tour is, it's a traveling rock festival. I went the summer of 2015 which was my first time and this summer will be the last time :(. I went to see Black Veil Brides but I was far back and kept stretching to see. This cute guy saw me struggle and asked if I wanted to sit on his shoulder. After I asked if he was sure, I went up on his shoulders and it was a lot of fun. Afterward, I thanked him and gave him a hug, to this day I wish I had gotten his number.

warped tour 2015 image warped tour 2015 image warped tour 2015 image
These are my photos from Warped Tour

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