Well, I'm bad at knowing exactly what day we're on the break, but hey, we're still here and that's what's important. Look at several tags here and this was pretty cute for me, so... let's do it!

1.-Favorite Member

niall horan and one direction image niall horan, niall, and horan image niall horan, one direction, and niall image niall horan, one direction, and liam payne image
I'm not going to lie, they're all lovely, but when I looked at it, Niall is completely stealing my heart

2.-Favorite Music Video

music video, Harry Styles, and 1d image gif, midnight memories, and music video image one direction, niall horan, and Harry Styles image one direction, midnight memories, and niall horan image
Every time I watch the video, it gets me a smile, it was just them being the stars that are. i love midnight memories video.

3.-Have you been to any concerts?

otrat image Image by Your little penis gif, 5sos, and michael clifford image Temporarily removed
My heart cries every time I think, unfortunately I could not attend any, because well, my mom said no and I live in Mexico! , I still cry at night

4.-Favorite ships between the boys?

niall horan, one direction, and zayn malik image one direction, zayn malik, and niall horan image bromance, gif, and niall horan image niall horan, zayn malik, and one direction image
Ziall, Ziall, always Ziall, are so cute, I mean, just look at them, the cute way in which they fit

5.-Do you own any merch?

am, cd, and grunge image t-shirt, men tshirt, and one direction image jewerly, louis, and merchandise image perfume, 1d, and one direction merch image
Well, here is a bit serious, at first I got for Christmas the first two albums, where in 2012 were only Take Me Home and Up All Night along with a T-shirt. Time later I got several pins, necklaces and their perfumes.

6.-Favorite One Direction era

one direction, 5sos, and calum hood image one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image one direction, liam payne, and zayn malik image
For most, if not all, we know that TMHT was one of the best times of them, were to half of what they could be, but always with the feet on the ground, being them with a dream come true

7.- Saddest One Direction moment?

one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image Image by Your little penis
When I step from the first to the second image, Zayn left a hole in all

8.-If you only had one ticket to watch one of their solo concerts, which one would you go to?

Harry Styles and one direction image gif and Harry Styles image horan and niall image ariana grande, niall horan, and one direction image
Oh God, I do not know how to choose, because Harry and Niall make the music completely that I love, so if I had one, probably would not go to any, it is only very difficult!

9.-Which of the boys' sibling do you like the most?

fizzy and felicité image boy, hair, and fizzy tomlinson image gif, girl, and tea image b&w, body, and girl image
I love Fizzy Tomlison with all my heart, it's so cute and simple, plus it's pretty hot.

10.-Fist song you heard of them?

gif, directioners, and one thing image band, boys, and gif image one thing, one direction, and video image one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image
I think not as everyone hears WMYB, reach the fandom in September 2012, so a classmate of the school was insisting that you look for them on the internet, the rest is history.

11. Favorite song from Up All Night Album?

tell me a lie image
Tell me a lie is one of my favorites because at that time I identified with that song, it may not be one of the happiest songs, but every time I hear it can improve my day

12. Favorite song from Take Me Home Album?

one direction, c'mon c'mon, and 1d image one direction, 1d, and she's not afraid image
This album is one of my favorites, I love every song, but I believe that C'mon C'mon and She's Not Afraid are those that more important they have for me

13. Favorite song from Midnight Memories Album?

quote and girl image
No doubt, this song is soooooooooooooooooo beautiful and gives me so much inspiration

14. Favorite song from Four Album?

pink, aesthetic, and one direction image
Well, as they say in my country ''Lo que se ve no se pregunta''

15. Who would you rather date, marry, be best friend with, party with and meet once?

Date- Harry
Marry- Niall
Besfriend- Louis
Party with- Zayn
Meet once- Liam

16. Favorite Zayn solo song

Lyrics, she, and tumblr image zayn malik, zayn, and boy image
Well, say that only i love sHe is lying, but the instrumental is simply fabulous

17. Favorite Niall solo song

album, flicker, and hope image niall horan, one direction, and 1d image
I believe that flicker has a great significance, the story that has behind it moves me despite not know

18. Favorite Harry solo song

aesthetic, lyric, and music image Harry Styles and harry image
MMITH is definitely fantastic, the instrumental leaves me in a certain relaxed way

19. Favorite Louis solo song

back to you, bebe rexha, and louis tomlinson image louis tomlinson, back to you, and one direction image
This song has so much potential for me and also the voice of Louis is quite melodious

20. Favorite Liam Solo Song

payne and liam image Mature image
I know it's not entirely from him, but God his laughter in the end kills everything