I tought it would be interesting to talk about some of my OC's and I've never seen something like this in WHI, so... Yep. Let's get started.

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The Three Siblings

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Beth O'Brien. She is the oldest of the three, 19 years old. She lives with her girlfriend and her mother in law. Don't has a job. She is a lesbian cisgender girl. Spend most of her free time looking for her siblings, as they have been separated, but she like to play guitar and take some pictures as well. She has a bad relationship with the middle sibling, since it was because of they that they all separated, but she always loved the younger more than anything and would do whatever it takes to find her again. Has depression, is addicted to cigarretes and alcohol, already did self harm and stopped thanks to her girlfriend and has stress. Is very introvert, but when she talks she's very sassy and ironic most of the time. She's human.
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Styler O'Brien. They're the middle sibling, 17 years old. Lives with a woman that adopted them and a lot os other kids. They don't have a job, but always help their mother with their siblings and things like that. They're an asexual panromantic polyamorous agender girl. Spend pretty much all of their time inside their room, listening to some music and writting stories. Since is really cold where they live, they never go looking for the family, and they don't want to do it either to be honest. Always liked both of their sisters and really want to befriend with Beth again, but don't has corage to have the first step. Always felling guilty for what they did, even tought it was not their fault. Has anxiety, a little of depression, already did self harm, has BDD and stress and already had eating disorders. Is really, really shy around pretty much everyone. They're hybrid of a siren and a human.
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Lisa O'Brien. The younger sibling, 14 years old. Don't has a fixed house, always travelling everywhere. She also don't work, but has some money by helping some people, even thoug she don't ask for a payment. She's a pangender pansexual girl. Spend all of her time travelling, as I just said, and looking for her family. Diferent from her siblings, she still looking for her mother, who is also missing. Always had a good relationship with her family. Has schizophrenia. Is really extrovert and a little bit shy, but is always really nice to everyone. She's hybrid of something that I won't tell because it's funnier this away and a human.

Somethings about those three:

  • They are all childrens of diferents fathers.
  • They were sapareted because some creature possesed Styler and made they attack their mother in front of the other siblings. Beth took Lisa and ran away, but Styler reach them and attacked Beth, who said to Lisa to run to somewhere safe. The thing left Styler right before they kill Beth, who scaped in the first oportunity
  • Beth refuse to believe that some kind of creature possesed Styler and think they attacked their family because they are half monster.
  • Styler and Beth think that their mother is dead, but Lisa refuse to believe that.
  • Lisa actually has heterochromia but I couldn't find a picture that looked like her eyes.
  • Beth has the tips of her hair blue and Styler has them red.
  • They all have freckles, but Beth only has on her face and Lisa only has on her nose.
  • Lisa also has vitiligo.

The Royalty Twins

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Abaddon Daemonium. Has 20 years old. Live alone in the Purgatory in some kind of castle. Don't need to work, since his family was rich. He's a bisexual trans boy. Don't has much things to do inside his house, since no one else live there and he has no friends, so he spend most of his time in the Earth, learning some more about humans and thigs like that. He also like to play piano. Has a really, really bad relationship with her sister, willing to kill her on the sign. This is because she was the one who killed their parents and then ran away from the Purgatory after a fight with him. The only good relationship he has is with a elf girl he meet on Earth, but he figured out he couldn't spend much time with her, because she made him weak, putting him close to death. Has depression, is addicted to cigarretes and alcohol, has depersonalisation, PTSD and OCD (Obsessions rather than compulsions). Is kinda extrover, but is very, very sassy and rude when he talks. He's a hybrid of a demon and a leviathan.
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Lilith Daemonium. Has 20 years old. Don't has a fixed house and is always travelling to learn some more about humanity. She don't has to work, since she took some of her family money before running away. She's a bisexual genderflux girl. She spend all of her time travelling, and already saw halves of the countries of the world, but she also really enjoy reading and know 25 diferent languages. As I said, she has a very bad relationship with Abaddon, and honestly don't judge him for hating her and even think she deserve it after everything she did. Even though she travel a lot, she don't has any friends. Has anxiety, BPD and a lot of panic attacks. Is not introvert or extrovert and is always very kind talking to people. She's a hybrid of a demon and a leviathan.

Somethings about them:

  • Both have a lot of freckles.
  • Both also have horns and a tail, but I couldn't find a nice picture of it.
  • They were good friends when kids and Lilith helped a lot Abaddon with his dysphoria.
  • They relationship only collapsed when Lilith killed their parents.
  • She remember killing them, but she just can't remember why.
  • Lilith was the 'thing' that possesed Styler, even tough she didn't wanted to do it and she also don't remember why the heck she did it.
  • They have to create a portal to get out of the Purgatory.
  • They can't do a portal to go to Heaven for obvious reasons, but they can go to hell whenever they want to.
  • They hair turn white when they get weak.
  • Right before Lilith ran away, she had a fight with Abaddon, and he ripped off half of her left horn. Now he wears it as a necklace.
  • He still looking for her for revenge.
  • Lilith was the last favorite children, since when they were kids, because she wasn't so powerfull and fierce as Abaddon.
  • Abaddon was only able to transition when their parents died, because he didn't had corage to tell to their parents that he was actually a guy.
  • Abaddon has a secret that change the entire story, but I won't tell because it's funnier this way. If you have a theory just send me a message pls