When the sun rises, i look at the bright side. So recently I've been doing fine. But i'll have to accept that i am carrying this baggage which is so heavy for me to even measure.

I see people hurt and lost, i help them or shall i quote; I try to help them, . I say the things which i would want to hear at that particular point of time. I say that, "you are wanted, you are beautiful, everything will be just fine. Just give it time, people will accept you".

The pain around me, the hurt, the anger, everything is either for, a) position or acceptance, which is not surprisingly about a minor boy friend breakup( which is merely not even a break up, accept it girls out there do break up just to test and for fun).

I understand everyone, i accept them. But in order to keep peace in the world. .. or the world round me, i forgot to take care of my own world. My own peace. See i hate conflicts, we all do. Still we fall in this place of darkness created by our own self unconscious mind.

Things have been tremble.I always find reasons to be happy, to cheer me up, to motivate me. I have thousands of reason to carry on, but i can't function. Its like. .anyway, all i am asking, is for a little encouragements, little small motivations, a little warm human acceptance, cause i am giving up on everything. .. See i have asked. .. attempted every way to find help from everywhere, but no one listens. They ignore, feels, the words, and trust me believe me when they all do this, it crushes my world into pieces. I need it all to stop, the pain the sadness. I keep looking back to my haunted years, my haunted past.