Hi guys, I decided to share with you my night routine, I do this EVERY NIGHT no matter what and how I feel.

  • 1. I have dinner at 9.30 or so (maybe it´s late for some of you but I am Spanish lol). I usually have a light dinner so I don´t feel heavy.
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  • 2. I spend some time talking with my roommates or watching something (I have been obsessed lately with the American Crime Story)
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  • 3. At 10.30 or so I start my skincare routine, I don´t use way too much makeup everyday and I remove it with cleansing wipes. After this I remove the rest with Garnier micelar water, I use the pink one.
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  • 4. I brush my hair because I hate waking up to knots on my hair.
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  • 5. Back to my room, I take off my lenses and moisturize my face with an argan oil face cream.
  • 6. I check my social media one last time before sleeping, I set my alarm and I try to sleep 8 hours everyday.
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