First of all, this is my first article, so it won't be perfect at all, I guess.
(Excuse my mistakes, but I'm German, so my english won't be perfect at all, too)

rule number 1: You don't have to be perfect.
Perfection is an invention of todays society. Flaws aren't bad!
And don't even act like you were perfect. You should be authentic, so never change because of the societeys opinion,

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rule number 2: Nobody has the rights to judge you.
Don't let anyone allow to judge you because of your style, your body, your character or anything else. And although, judging is (sadly) a "normal" thing in our society, just don't care about anyones' negative opinions.

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rule number 3: try to avoid negative thoughts
Don't concentrate on the negative things. You have to concentrate on the good things, because if you're always thinking about the bad experiences for example, you put yourself down and that's never good.

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rule number 3: make a list with your good qualities.
Always try to remeber yourself, why you're worth living and loveable.
Read that list, if you're sad, exhausted or if you just wan't to remeber yourself that you're good just the way you are.

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rule number 4: Give youself some gifts
It's not just what others give to you or how they tell you, that they're proud of you, it's also important to treat youself with some gifts if you've achieved something, you wanted to achieve for a long time. This could be something just like:"I'm so good at it! I'm proud of myself!" or something like allowing youself to buy things you like. For example cosmetics or having a day off at the beach with you're friends, because one of the most important things about selflove is, that you always need friends and family to support you in every situation.

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Thank you for reading my first article. I hope you like it!
xoxo, Fay