Hey guys! So I am gonna leave some habits or tips that I have been following since I decided to have a healthy life and that really helped me.

  • DRINK TONS OF WATER. I know this sounds so typical but try to buy a hard plastic bottle so you will help the environment too and drink at least 2 liters everyday, you will feel amazingly better after a week and your skin will be flawless. If you are like me and forget to do it, you can set an alarm or download an app to remind you
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  • Do at least 30 mins of workout everyday, you need to active your metabolism and your body is gonna thank you, if you are not going to the gym you can use YouTube videos, go for a walk with music, I´ll leave you one of the playlist I use at the gym. But you have to move!


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  • Try to eat healthy everyday, I don´t mean eat only vegetables, you can eat pasta, chicken, rice, even pizza; the only important thing is the ingredients so don´t eat KFC chicken, go and buy it and cook it yourself. If you want to feel better and see results on how you are feeling, STOP EATING SNACKS OR CHOCOLATE ETC you´ll see how you feel less tired.
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  • Have a routine, a morning routine, a night routine, a study routine etc. Being healthy is not only something about how your body feels it´s also how your mind feels and having a routine makes you feel organized and you´ll feel how you everything under control.
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  • Sleep well and you will have tons of energy for the next day, it´s also ok if you need to rest after having lunch 20-30 mins as a power nap.
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I hope you guys like it!!! Lots of love, Anney xx