We all lived many lives before this one, some more than others. We came to this earth to learn, in another words, for soul growth. Most come for personal soul growth but some come for more than that. They came for the collective, they came on a special mission to heal and help earth and all its creation. Those beings have been grouped under the name of 'Earth Angels'.

There are many groups of Earth Angels, in this one I will focus on the Incarnated Mermaids.
We have had many past lives before this one, if you have lived several lives as any of these guys or one of your recent past life involved being a Mermaid / Mermen you might relate to these.

These guys do fall under the category of Incarnated Elementals. For more info on that:

Some of the signs that indicate that you may be a Mermaid / Mermen:

1. As they are part of the Elemental group, they have their playful and mischievous side.
Can be rebellious and/or acquiescent

2. Love everything mermaid related, and underwater life.

3. May have memories or be attracted to stories about Atlantis and Lemuria. (may have lived through this period)

4. Indeed looks like a mermaid, with their hourglass, curvy figures.

5. May love wearing turquoise / water coloured clothing, perhaps pearls.

6. Prefer their hair long and wavy.

7. Always feels cold even during warm weathers.

8. Mermen tend to look athletic, trim and outdoorsy.

9. May have a red tint in their hair, and a little blue/green in eyes.

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10. Prefer to live / visit tropical places / climates.

11. Love to swim, or just relax in water. However, may avoid chlorinated pools as they are sensitive to the smell and feel of it.

12. Feels thirsty all the time, sometimes the more you drink, the more thirsty you are. May always need to carry bottle water around.

13. Because of always being dehydrated, they may suffer from dry skin and constipation.

14. Tip: you may want to avoid foods like leach water out of your system like dried fruit, wheat, oats etc. it is best to avoid food that are really dry.

15. May love / need sea based food, for e.g. sushi, seaweed, kelp. Your bodies need this for nutrients.

16. Most love, love dolphins!

17. Loves, admires all sea creatures.

18. Protects or want to protect the sea and its creatures. Upset at water pollution, constant harm to sea animals.

19. Had to be born as humans to protect their oceans, streams, world's water supply and lakes from further damage and pollution.

20. Must live near a body of water (lake, stream, ocean) to feel sane. Are happiest and at peace when near water.

21. Career wise they might look at going into oceanography, scuba instructor, making mermaid costumes, jewellery.

22. Are usually Independent Loners.

23. They are warm and friendly but have had their share of betrayals so they are also guarded and mistrustful.

24. 'Slippery fish' Can easily slip away from a relationship and never look back.

25. Takes a special someone to win their hearts, and must have patience because it will take a while before the incarnated mermaid/mermen can lower their guard and break down that wall around their hearts.

26. Those who have the patience and love will be greatly rewarded by the Incarnated mermaid/merman.

Combination Mermaid / Mermen

  • Sweet and Sour, Naughty and Nice
  • Voluptuous Bodies
  • Heart-shaped youthful face
  • May like to highlight hair
  • These are incarnated Angels who have lived on the edge with history of alcohol/substance abuse, relationship betrayal, even criminal records but their hearts are completely pure and angelic


  • 100% Elemental
  • Love their parties
  • May enjoy cocktails whilst sitting at the seaside, watching the sunset; boating or being lazy on the beach
  • Can be perfectionists when it comes to finding that special someone, so may go through a lot of relationships, in search for 'the one'
  • May love camping, being near lakes and streams
  • Have a strong connection to water fairies (sprites and undines)


  • Combination of Mermaid/Mermen and Cherubs
  • Brushes her hair, reapplies makeup to a level of perfection
  • Loves to swim as long as it doesn't mess with their hair and makeup
  • You can convince them to go into the water if you make things more beautiful, perhaps a pretty swimming suit or a swimmable fish tail


  • Combination of Starpeople and Mermaid / Mermen
  • Likes being by the ocean
  • Loners who prefer to swim, sail, surf alone
  • Loves the idea of looking up at the starry sky whilst on a boat in the middle of the ocean
  • Connects with their home planet through the positive ions of the sea
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  • Combination of Wise Ones, and Mermaid / Mermen
  • Edgy elemental personality plus the seriousness of the Wise Ones.
  • Loves to teach about sea creatures, the different bodies of water / any wisdom of the waters.

All my advice for the mermaids/mermen are in the Incarnated Elementals link. Follow your hearts and trust in your strong abilities.

If you don't feel you fit in this group and also you may also feel a connection with the other group. Check out:

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