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Today's article is all about what I love about summer so much and you could also get some ideas of what to do in summer from it! I hope you'll enjoy this article and if you do then check out my other articles from my collection :)

beautiful, summer, and girl image summer, beach, and surf image
photography image fruit, food, and healthy image
ice cream, food, and purple image food, ice cream, and summer image
☆Ice cream
beach, sexy, and bikini image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
☆Swim suits
girl, summer, and beach image summer, unicorn, and beach image
☆Beach & swimming pools
study, school, and cat image study, book, and school image
☆No school
sky, travel, and sunset image girl, summer, and beach image
hair, style, and white image hair, blue, and bun image
☆Messy light hair
girl, hair, and pink image hair, flowers, and hairstyle image
☆My summer colored hair («pink, pearl, lavenderish, white, blond, etc.» from my hairdresser)
friends, summer, and travel image friends, travel, and summer image
fashion, style, and outfit image beautiful, denim, and outfit image
☆Summer clothes
magazine, drink, and white image bibliophile, coffee, and library image
☆Free reading
coolers, best coolers, and for picnics image picnic, beach, and drink image
happiness, party, and rock image coachella, girl, and festival image
☆Festivals & partys (The left pic is mine!)
fitness, workout, and health image fitness, workout, and health image
☆Fitness(My pics!)
summer, coconut, and travel image coconut, eat, and food image
fashion, girl, and friends image miranda kerr, model, and style image
coffee, photo, and photography image memories, photo, and picture image
☆Pictures & photographys
fashion, girl, and style image bed, bedroom, and home image
cindy crawford and kaia gerber image girl, bed, and relax image
beach, boy, and lifeguard image food, hand, and smile image
☆JobSS (Yes, I love my JobSS(7 jobs->actress, model, signer, babysitter, Cupcakes cooker, lifeguard and Youtuber))
love, couple, and kiss image travel, friends, and bicycle image
home, bedroom, and room image big, cozy, and design image
☆Cozyness (I like to cozy my bedroom)
girl, friends, and summer image road image
riverdale, food, and series image bae, honey, and rock image
☆Netflix (The right pic is mine!)
girl image baking, hands, and dough image
boating, boats, and ocean image bff, boat, and fun image
animal, flowers, and deer image dog, cute, and animal image
Image by Danny Rozenblit Image by Danny Rozenblit

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