Hello everybody!
So, spring is practically around the corner, and that's precisely the time of the year when I start thinking about the upcoming summer and the ones I've already experienced.
I have so many good, yet simple, memories tied to that. If you have some, make sure to share them, I'd love to read them all:)

- after-dinner time, I was walking my dog with my dad, we walked to the ice cream shop nearby our house and get our treats while talking, talking and talking
- late night dinners with a pizza, coke and my fav people around
-long walks and discussions with my homies
-that mid-July night when I was finally free from exams and could enjoy myself
-huge Chinese dinners in parks with friends and the moonlight
-leaving for vacation
-family visiting me
-the time it was so hot I've decided to sleep on my living room's balcony
-1ams in full summer, after shower time walking on my balcony, watching the night sky and enjoying the silence and the darkness
-a full day of explorations and time spent together
-sitting on a bench in the fresh end of summer's breeze in front of the lake, talking with a friend for hours
-rainy afternoons spent inside watching series
-that time, at the end of sophomore's year, when we just went out of this huge school party, had a huge lunch at friend's house and played games on the beach for the rest of the day

-going groceries shopping with mom, and getting our fav treats
-talking to mom and contemplating how to organize our next expedition to that new cool place they recently opened
-5 pm tv shows after a day in my garden, going around and playing
-the morning breeze
-summer morning's cartoons
-the feeling back to school was so far away
-going to friends' house and having fun with the tiniest things

I bet I have so many more, but these were the brightest. I told you, so simple, but this is often where happiness leads. This was just an attempt to bring positivity in our March, never forget to always search for it.