My eyes wander and my brain plunders,
lost in every direction and no direction, and my echoing thoughts thunder.
My head quakes and feet shake,
As I wait for my fate to bake,
that perfect golden bake.
But alas, it burns.
I toils in the oven,
Looking for consistency, passion,
The thirst remains unquenched and emotions dip.
Anger burns,
Burns down in it's consequential fashion.
Remorse waits for no man,
And as I sit on the burnt crisps of myself,
I am left behind.
Looking for meaning,
Trying to find myself in this dry desert.
My throat is left dry and aching,
From all the energy I attempt to exert.
I am left empty,
Stuck inside the collapsible walls of a green canvas tent,
Yet again one more thing that remains inconsistent.
Water droplets fill my mouth,
Saliva's pseudonym.
My lungs fill and say a prayer ,
As the desert in the sky,
Pricks me with the end.

Yeah, so here's a poem. Hope you all maybe like it
xoxoxo -Rebekah