Today's question:

Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

1. When my brother was born. I remember when my mom came home with that little baby. He was so cute. Now he is a teenager and I love him even more now.

baby, bunny, and cute image

2. Living with my grandma. I used to stay with my grandma when I was at school. I remember those years very fondly.

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3. My favorite cat. His name was Snizo, I had never spelled it before so I really dont know how to write it haha. He was called like that because his color was gray and it reminded me to ashes, in spanish ash is ceniza, so his name comes from there. He was my favorite cat ever but he died, and I cried so much. Now I have a new favorite cat but I still remember Snizo with love.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my article!-Alison G.