YES! I am finally very very on time with this article. No stress writing this on the right day, afraid of disappointing myself by not being able to write simple articles on Weheartit about myself and stuff I like.
Guys. It's weekend. Whoop whoop. Survived another week at college. Tonight I am going to this 80's/90's/00's party with two close friends, where they will play lots of old school music. I was born in 1997, so I probably don't know a lot of songs. It will be fun though :)

Day 7

Make a list of 5 favourite TV series

No 1

Alyssa, james, and alex lawther image teotfw and girl image
If you haven't even heard of this show, I'm pretty sure you live under a rock. If you didn't watch it yet, come on, what are you still reading this?
- End of the F***ing World

No 2

actor, cast, and couple image lifetime, tv show, and unreal image
Gosh, this is so gooooood. It's about the life behind a show that's similar to The Bachelor. (FYI: its not a documentary, it's like this drama/romance series.)
- Unreal TV

No 3

lucifer, serie, and netlix image film, gif, and lucifer morningstar image
You either love or hate this program. It's about Lucifer. The devil is angry with his dad, God, and is staying on earth instead of hell. Even when I am not religious at all, it is really funny.
- Lucifer

No 4

freeform, show, and tv image craig, kyla pratt, and daniel franzese image
It's about this teen who is an alcoholic. She is sent to a recovery house, while still attending school. Some of the characters stories are heartbreaking. I love it so much. Sadly, it was cancelled after one season. Still worth watching, tho. PS. The lead role is a girl who also played in Skins and she is totally a girl crush of mine.
- Recovery Road

No 5

Ok, this one does not have pictures, because it is a Dutch series. Don't worry, on Youtube you have the version with English subs.
It is a contest type of show. Like 10 or 12 people play it and every episode 1 person leaves. One of the people is 'The Mole' and no-one except the producers as well as The Mole know who it is. The Mole cannot win anything, doesn't get paid etc for this.
The candidates and the Mole play games and stuff every episode and evert game or assignment they do right, they get money. However, the Mole tries to ruin the game, WITHOUT getting caught.
In the end you only have the mole and the winner, and the winner wins all the money they have earned of course.
This is a really popular series in the Netherland because NO ONE knows who this mole is and constantly you're on the wrong track. It keeps you guessing till the last contestant is done.
Wie is de Mol? -> Translated: Who is the Mole?

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