You say i'm furious at you out of nowhere.
Nowhere is where you are.

You ask what is wrong with me but i don't want to talk to you, because the problem is you. There is nothing i could tell you without instantly feeling stupid about if because i know you hate it when i complain about stuff. So i rather shut up and keep it by myself.

Image by Emma Rahić
I moved away, over a year ago and i am feeling lonely and i am so angry about beeing alone while laying in your arms.

It doesn't matter what i'm doing. I could live a crazy day and still lay in bed by the end of it and feel like nothing really happend.
Nothing matters
Nothing is important

black black
I scream and you don't hear me. You never understand.

rather alone right now than with you

i want you to take me out but you didin't ask for months and i am sick of asking.