Why is humour important?

Because smiling makes you happy.
Because you make not only yourself but also others feel good.
Because others want to be around you more.
Because it helps you get through tough situations in life.
Because it makes you attractive.
Because smiling cures sadness.
Because life isn't supposed to be taken too serious.
Because it is the easiest way to have fun.
Because laughing doesn't cost anything.
Because your smile is beautiful.
Because it makes you confident.
Because it helps you forget life for a bit.
Because everyone loves laughing.
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All those and many more reasons prove that humour is important. It's a quality everyone is looking for in a friend, partner or relative.
Humour makes others feel good. And you will feel better too, that's why you automatically feel more confident. And being confident is one of the keys to being successful.

There are definitely things in life that should be taken serious, but don't forget to laugh and see the positive side in life.

Everyone tells you "happiness is the major goal in life" and "if you achieve true happiness you can die in peace".
All of these things are true, but you will never achieve true happiness without a good sense of humour. Because if you know how to make yourself laugh and how to make everyone around you feel good in the hardest times, you are one step closer to becoming happy and making your surrounding a suited happy place for yourself.

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