Hi guys, I'm sorry I can't write an article everyday but I have a lot of lessons in this period and I'm very busy! Today I wanted to do an article about some basics to always have in your wardrobe; these pieces actually save your life, they're very comfy and you can style them with a lot of stuff !

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abs Superthumb aesthetic beautiful ACDC bag
my fav piece of clothing, I love them in black, high waisted and skinny.


clothes fashion belt black bag beauty
I actually live in these during winter, I have one of them in everycolor I like and they're super comfy for an everyday look.


Superthumb denim clothes clothes clothes outfit
They match perfectly with high-waisted jeans, pants and skirts. I have them in white, black, grey, stripes, olive green and pink !


fashion fashion fashion fashion aesthetic clothes
I don't wear them often, especially in winter, but sometimes you need to show your legs girl !


Superthumb Superthumb beauty fashion beauty Superthumb
With this, I mean one color dress which is not elegant so you can wear it at a party but also dress it down with some sneakers and wear it to the beach or just to go outside. This piece is very easy to wear especially in summer, but still looks pretty !


Superthumb fashion adidas Fila Superthumb adidas

Check out this article to see my fav sneakers and colors :


chic black beauty fashion fashion black
If you're not a lover of heels, one simple pair is what you need. I don't love heels too, plus they hurt my feet a lot, but I always keep a black leather pair because they're the perf shoes for a party of in general for every kind of event when you have to be elegant and wear a girly dress.


bag bag starbucks Superthumb black bag
Black purse is the best kind of bag because it is not too little like a clutch, perf for a party, but not either too big; so you can use it basically for a bunch of different occasions! Also as you can see in the pictures you can play with it and style it in many ways.


black Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb clothes chanel
I honestly love this piece, it is so rock and grunge but you can actually wear with a dress for example too. Perf if the weather is just not too cold or hot, and you can choose between a lot of colors.


chanel Superthumb Superthumb fashion bag coat
A coat is also a must for winter. I have three of them: in grey, in black and in olive green so I can change colors that match with what I wear.


fashion Superthumb clothes coffee denim fashion
This is very nice to wear in spring or summer, it is very light and gives a fresh look I think. Again you can dress it up or down, for example in summer with a simple or floreal dress; you can wear sneakers or boots with it.

Guys this was my article hope you enjoyed it and had an inspirations for your look or for some ootd. Thanks for your hearts and support everyday, see u soon