Hi! :)
New Years Resolutions are great - to put them into practice often quite tricky.
For those who still keep their plans - nifty piece of work! :)
For those who do not - it`s totally okay and never to late to Re-Start your project to improve yourself! :)

So here comes a short-refresh-course on How to keep up your Motivation and stand your inner bastard. (or more politely - one`s weaker self ;) )

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First of all, if it should not remain only a resolution, there must be realistic goals, which are possible to reach. You should dream big but try to reach your aim step by step. So don`t set yourself an unatainable goal like to work out every day the whole day or study every free minute.
I totally go for "We can reach anything we set our minds to" and your Plans should definitely challenge you. But even a Marathon runner started with working in stages and also a supermodel first had to learn how to stand in super High Heels befor they run a catwalk! :)
And an additional positive effect of setting small stages to reach, is that you become more motivated once you reach more than you first planned to.

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Put your Resolution in exact wording for example "I will Work out three Days per Week for half an hour!" or "I will study one chapter a day throughout weekdays."
Of Course this are just examples to show you what I mean. You should individualize your Rules so it fits your Lifestyle and Personality and even to the Significance and Extent of your Goals. No one can pass judgement on which amount of time or anything else you want to put your resolutions into practice - It´s your decision! :)

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Imagine the positive effects you are going to reach and always keep them in mind to motivate youself! :)
For Example if your Resolution List contains Working-Out:
It is improving your fitness, your endurance is raising and your body will look sporty and defined. No matter your weight or body type - you will look healthier and fit! :)

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And if you want to study more this year you can also write a list of positive effects or even support your ideas with convincing pictures to motivate you.
Here is just some example:
"If I study throughout weekdays every day I can meet my friends the whole weekend, have fun and still get a great mark next exam." Or "If I work hard enough so I get supergood points on my final certificate from my study, I get the qualification to get the job I`ve always dreamed for and make enough Money to travel a lot!"

(So because of I have to study a lot next time for the exams of my own study, I plan to bring an article on How I personally manage the big amount of learning material and at the same time to fulfil other duties and own wishes and plans. So watch out if you are interested. :)

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Last but not least - there will always be times when you don`t feel like doing something. When this happens I keep it that way:
Nevertheless I first start and tell myself: "If I can`t find any pleasure in it today - I can still stop. Just start!" Often the joy comes if you started. And even if not - One bad day doesn`t has to endanger the whole project. You can try again tomorrow. The only thing important is that you keep honestly trying and believe in yourself! :)

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Thank you for reading! :)