Hi Guys!
Here I am with another article. Today I'm going to talk about, as the title says, 13 facts about me, a challenge created by @itsqueenems ★. I was tagged by @night_wishes ♡.

❀ one
I wear glasses

girl, beauty, and glasses image glasses, vintage, and black and white image

❀ two
I've always wanted a professional camera

bike, camera, and canon image camera, canon, and photography image

❀ three
I'm from northern Italy

milan, italy, and duomo image beautiful, cosmetics, and girl image

❀ four
When I go to bed it takes me a hour or more to fall asleep

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❀ five
I was born in July and my zodiac sign is Leo

lion, love, and animal image animal, cute, and lion image

❀ six
I love singing, but I'm not so good at it, so I sing when I'm alone, I don't want to burst someone's eardrum

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❀ seven
I'm not good at comforting people

love, couple, and hug image plants image

❀ eight
The thing I hate the most is when someone is disrespectful

car, nature, and summer image fashion, photography, and Prada image

❀ nine
I have chestnut brown hair and brown eyes, but I've always wanted green eyes

girl, coffee, and hair image beautiful, brown eyes, and makeup image

❀ ten
I study languages and I would like to study them even when I'll be at university

blue, cloud, and light image summer, girl, and beach image

❀ eleven
I love travelling and discovering new places, but I've never travelled a lot in my life. I hope in the future I will

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, fashion, and london image

❀ twelve
I've never had a boyfriend

couple, boy, and grunge image couples, hands, and love image

❀ thirteen
I love reading books and pretend to be the protagonist, I get more into the story and I can feel the same emotions

book image book, girl, and pink image

And that was "13 facts about me", I really hope you enjoyed this :)

Kisses ♡