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This blog isvery special it's about Taeyeon's Birthday. I'm going to do like a poem with all her albums songs and my favorites ost and singles.

Sorry if i put sentimental


snsd and taeyeon image taeyeon, snsd, and girls generation image Inspiring Image on We Heart It taeyeon, snsd, and kpop image
First Mini Album "I"

Was love at first sight when I saw you
U R a perferct girl
We are destined to be like GEMINI
You also take my STRESS out with only your existence
Never want FAREWELL of you

snsd, taeyeon, and girls generation image taeyeon and snsd image rain, solo, and taeyeon image taeyeon, snsd, and girls generation image

Your love was beautiful and strong as an unpredictable RAIN
It wasn't a SECRET that your love is unique just like you

taeyeon, snsd, and girls generation image girls generation, snsd, and taeyeon image couple, dean, and starlight image taeyeon, snsd, and gg image
2nd Mini Album "WHY"

We always ask ourselves WHY are you so perfect
Thanks for be our STARLIGHT
You're always on FASHION
Your HANDS ON ME are miraculous
We're always by your side on your UP(s) & DOWN(s)
Your SONE'S believe that you are a GOOD THING
You have us, even on your lonely NIGHT

taeyeon, snsd, and girls generation image 11:11, girls generation, and jessica image 11:11, snsd, and girls generation image taeyeon, snsd, and girls generation image
Single "11:11"

You are the star to which I ask my wish at 11:11 because you are always in the sky by our side, giving us your love

vocal, taeyeon, and girl generation image kpop, taeyeon, and snsd image fandom, sones, and fine image snsd, girls generation, and kpop image

You MAKE ME LOVE YOU just for being our favorite leader
Even if you grow up that's FINE because we are growing together
You shouldn't try to COVER UP from the world, because you are a shinning star
Supporting you FEEL SO FINE ,we could do everything just to see a smile on your lips
I GOT LOVE and that love is for you, to hold you and give you all the support that you deserve
You are our inspiration to be happy that's why if you are fine I'M OK
In this TIME LAPSE that i spend by your side i had learn how to smile
You always give us a SWEET LOVE forever without any restriction
You have the strenght that i was need WHEN I WAS YOUNG
I BLAME ON YOU for being my energizer, so i can't live without you
Even on the LONELY NIGHT i can rely on you, my sunshine
Your LOVE IN COLOR embrace us
We can feel the FIRE of your passion for what you do
You used your beautiful voice as a ERASER to remove our sadness
We are always with you, even in your last CURTAIN CALL
At this TIME we still treasure all our WALKING IN MEMORY

taeyeon, snsd, and girls generation image taeyeon, snsd, and girls generation image gif, snsd, and Sunny image girls generation, korean, and kpop image

THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS TIME is bring the lovely memories that we have together
Like the joy of having you one more time on THIS CHRISTMAS
Just LET IT SNOW ,you are beautiful as a snowflake
You are sweet and cute as a CANDY CANE
CHRISTMAS WITHOUT YOU is like Halloween without pumpkins
You don't have to SHHHH your beautiful voice
When you open your mouth I'M ALL EARS

girls generation, snsd, and taeyeon image Image by Tiffany snsd and taeyeon image snsd, taeyeon, and girls generation image

Now you have 29 years, but you still bright LIKE A STAR
Star that are extremely unique, because you are an ATLANTIS PRINCESS
Princess, CAN YOU HEAR ME i always tell you that I LOVE YOU
I really know it, because when i don't know about you i MISSING YOU LIKE CRAZY
IF A WORLD WAS A PERFECT PLACE you would be a goddess
You never feel LONELY , because i always be by your side ALL WITH YOU
With your COLORFUL existence, i always feel happy
IF you are sad i'll aproach CLOSER to you and make you feel happy
My dear goddess you are unique like THE BLUE NIGHT OF JEJU ISLAND
LOVE, THAT ONE WORD it's the only word that describes our feel
I only want to say thanks for RESCUE ME and be my reason to still happy

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snsd and taeyeon image
snsd and taeyeon image
gif, snsd, and taeyeon image
gif, snsd, and taeyeon image
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girls generation, kim, and snsd image

THAT'S ALL .... well i know it's late for the birthday but i'm still uploading this.

All i want to say is Taeyeon, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, thankos for being part of my life and the life of all the SONES. You are my everything and keep be the dorky leader that you are.


With Love,