im pretty young still being under 20 but still nearly a legal adult and ive been diagnosed with quite a few things i'll proably delete this but i dunno.

||clinical depression||

black, silence, and bmth image depressive, sadness, and black image sad and quotes image alternative, black, and black and white image

||general anxiety||

aesthetic, anxiety, and depressed image girl, dark, and photography image anxiety, depressed, and depression image young, quotes, and believe image

||social anxiety ||

Daria, quotes, and grunge image anxiety, credit, and photography image sad, invisible, and quotes image shy, chance, and quotes image

||borderline eating disorder||
(meaning i have eating disorder tendencies but not consistent enough its a actual full on disorder)

anorexia, anorexic, and black and white image sad, quotes, and compare image calories, allergic, and ana image cassie, sad, and skin image


aesthetic, black, and black&white image cry, depressed, and did image alone, anxiety, and broken image anxiety, ptsd, and mania image

This list isnt for pity i dont really care if you pity me or not or even if people believe me .

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