I thought this would be a fun tag to do! Keep in mind that I got all these images from weheartit, so I have no clue if they are the actual city or not.

M- Malmo, Sweden (It's great because my nickname is actually Malmo)

city, cozy, and fall image

A- Almaty, Kazakhstan

Казахстан, отдых, and город image

L- Los Angeles, California, USA

beach, summer, and sunset image

L- London, United Kingdom

london, Big Ben, and city image

O- Osaka, Japan

japan, osaka, and castle image

R- Ryazan, Russia

школа, кремль, and рязань image

Y- Yonago, Japan

city, street, and japan image

And the article photo is Fraserburgh, Scotland, where my clan is originally from (the Frasers).