I'm going to do an article for each continet with the places I want to visit.
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And also I will not include Italy since I'll do a separate article for my country.
These are the places I want to visit in Europe. Enjoy! ✧

⊱ Albania: Apollonia, Sarandë

historic, albania, and fier image amazing, antique, and architecture image

⊱ Armenia: Yerevan, Temple of Garni

armenia, yerevan, and blue mosque image armenia and garni image

⊱ Belgium: Bruges

Brugge image belgium, bruges, and house image

⊱ Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo

building, city, and sarajevo image beautiful, Bosnia, and travel image

⊱ Bulgaria: Sofia, Plovdiv

bulgaria, capital, and cathedral image bulgaria, Christmas time, and hometown image

⊱ Croatia: Krka National Park, Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb

Croatia, national park, and nature image Croatia image Croatia, fuji, and film image advent, beautiful, and magic image

⊱ Czech Republic: Prague, Brno

Image removed church, czech republic, and snow image

⊱ Denmark: Copenhagen

travel, aesthetic, and architecture image amazing, architecture, and beautiful image

⊱ Estonia: Tallin

estonia, summer, and tallin image ancient, castle, and city image

⊱ Finland: Helsinki

alternative, travel, and city image city, finland, and building image

⊱ France: Marseille, Nice

analog, france, and port image beach, france, and landscape image

⊱ Germany: Berlin, Dresden

berlin, cities, and city image city, travel, and architecture image

⊱ Greece: Mycenae, Knossos, Athens, Zakynthos, Corfu, Meteora, Santorini, Rhodes

mycenae, agamemnon, and atreus image heraklion, crete tour, and knossos trip image Image by Jvk Thavamony zakynthos image Greece, boat, and summer image Greece and meteora image destination, Greece, and santorini image Greece, street, and rhodes image

⊱ Iceland: Reykjavík, Blue Lagoon

house, city, and iceland image blue, purple, and sky image

⊱ Ireland: Dublin, Cliffs of Moher

city and dublin image cliffs of moher, brooks brothers style, and ireland travel guide image

⊱ Latvia: Riga

city, europe, and latvia image city and riga image

⊱ Lithuania: Vilnius

vilnius image 35mm, analog, and city image

⊱ Macedonia: Matka Canyon, Skopje, Ohrid, Bitola

nature, beautiful, and tree image city, skopje, and travel image beautiful, europe, and landscape image macedonia and bitola image

⊱ Malta: Valletta, Lower Barrakka Gardens, Mdina, Gozo

city, europe, and malta image Image removed city, land, and malta image amazing, gozo, and malta image

⊱ Netherlands: Amsterdam

city, amsterdam, and building image light, city, and amsterdam image

⊱ Norway: Oslo, Bryggen, Trolltunga cliff, Ålesund

city, Dream, and europe image norway, house, and street image travel, nature, and photography image snow and winter image

⊱ Poland: Warsaw, Krakow

Poland, travel, and warsaw image Krakow, city, and Poland image

⊱ Portugal: Porto, Lisbon, Coimbra, Algrave, Évora, Sintra

city, light, and travel image city, lisbon, and places image Inspiring Image on We Heart It beach, beautiful, and summer image portugal and evora image palace, portugal, and sintra image

⊱ Romania: Bucharest, Transilvania castles

winter, snow, and christmas image architecture, castle, and photography image

⊱ Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg

kremlin, moscow, and Red Square image russia and saint petersburg image

⊱ Serbia: Belgrade, Novi Sad

autumn, Belgrade, and city image Serbia and novi sad image

⊱ Slovakia: Bratislava

bratislava, city, and grunge image aesthetic, artistic, and bratislava image

⊱ Slovenia: Piran, Bled

around, beautiful, and beautiful world image Island, travel, and winter image

⊱ Spain: Canary Islands, Seville, Granada, Malaga

beautiful, canary islands, and drinks image photography, seville, and spain image garden image architecture image

⊱ Sweden: Stockholm

city, morning, and stockholm image sweden, building, and city image

⊱ Switzerland: Zurich

city, switzerland, and traveling image city, snow, and switzerland image

⊱ Ukraine: Kiev

blue, kiev, and sky image europe and kiev image

⊱ United Kingdom: London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edimburgh

london, snow, and Big Ben image Image removed glasgow and scotland image flowers, hp, and scotland image

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