Here in the UK, tomorrow is mothers day and in honour of that, I thought I would tell you why my mum is so fucking cool. I am 16 years old, my older brother is 18, so the main part of this story is set in the late 90's (keep that in mind.)

My mum was born in 1965 and had always wanted children, she always wanted to be a mother - she knew how brilliant she would be*. She also wanted a career. She had a career. I guess she was waiting to find someone to settle down with and have children with although this was not a huge priority for her. As she got older (she was 34 at this point,) she still hadn't found anyone she wanted to settle with to start a family, so she did it by herself.

I'm not entirely sure how it works, but, she used a sperm donor, kind of like how Monica from friends was going to do in season 2 I think? However, what Friends doesn't show is the process one goes through in order to get pregnant via In Vitro Fertilisation: there's months of therapy and mental analysis as well as a huge financial expense. Anyway, the point is, she wanted two things in life, a career and children, and she got them for herself, no matter what.

Imagine, a single woman in the late 90's, working, she wants to be a mother so she becomes one. She didn't need a man, husband or anyone. She just did what she wanted to do despite people telling her she couldn't, and then she did. And then one year later she did it all again, having me and my twin brother.

At this point, she had one (almost) two year old and two new-borns, still completely single. Obviously, she struggled, I won't deny that, and neither would she. That was fine though because my aunty and my grandma helped her a lot and still do.

My mother is the epitome of independent women. And that is why she is so fucking cool.

Love, Katelyn

*I remember when my brother and myself where little, we liked to play dress up and with baby dolls and such; we were originally sharing my baby dolls and their toy buggy (I've also heard people often call them a stroller or a push-chair) she saw and bought him his own. She also had bought us both matching plastic slip on "heels" with pink or purple pom-poms on the front of them, because she knew that they would make us happy and that was all that mattered. A lot of mothers would not have bought these things for their three-year-old son, but she did because she's the best.