• hi! i haven't written an article in a while because i took a short break from whi due to my real life circumstances and i thought i should just take a lil break
  • but i'm back now and this article will be on some picture ideas.
  • you could maybe use this for instagram!


quotes, sky, and clouds image aesthetic, pink, and mirror image

this is a fairly simple and easy image - it can be a pic of a sunset, sunrise or even a blue sky!


girl, aesthetic, and body image girl, glasses, and tumblr image

you can take mirror selfies or just a face selfie- depending on your preference. try not to have too many similar pictures together though.

trendy items

red, vans, and aesthetic image alternative and grunge image

things like vans and kankens seem to be kinda trendy on instagram atm!

outfit pictures

Image removed boy, grunge, and pale image

for these pics, try to have a simple background to draw the focus to your outfit. you could take pics of your whole outfit or only parts!


rose, flowers, and pink image rose, flowers, and red image

as some examples i've used pictures of roses, but you can also take pics of things like leaves and other flowers, e.g daises and sunflowers.

quotes and writing

quotes, intelligent, and smile image love, book, and quotes image

you could write poetry or quotes yourself in a notepad etc. or you could type some up!


eyes, art, and drawing image art, draw, and drawing image

there is a variety of ways to do art - like sculpting, digital and pencil. you could feature certain colors to match your theme too.


bedroom, room, and city image bambi, clean, and theme image

these are both fairly simplistic bedroom pictures just to give you an idea. this could also motivate you to tidy your room!


aesthetic, aesthetics, and freckles image makeup, stars, and eyes image

you could do a range of makeup, from glam, to abstract or a simple glossy look! here's some inspo.


architecture, building, and travel image book image

these pictures both show fairly empty areas, but you could also take pics of buildings in built up cities such as new york/london.

that's all for now!

  • thanks for reading.
  • i may/may not release a second part to this!

-credit to original image owners